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Jan 03, 2019 at 07:11 PM

SAP OpenUI5 - sap.ui.unified.MenuItem: how to allow SHIFT+ENTER or SHIFT+Space selection?


Is there a way to allow for the MenuItem select event handler to pick up a select event from the keyboard with SHIFT+ENTER or ALT+ENTER (instead of just ENTER or SPACE bar)?

If MenuItem was designed to ignore anything but SPACE or ENTER, there should be a way for a programmer/user of this API to override this, and allow SHIFT+ENTER and/or ALT+ENTER to trigger the MenuItem select.

This is required in order to be able to select an alternate behavior when selecting a MenuItem, without having to create a new MenuItem. This is to achieve accessbility goals. Currently, an ALT+mouse click acheives the goal in my application, but I am trying to acheive the same result with keyboard-only.