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Jan 03, 2019 at 02:54 PM

Move/ copy contents of custom field from the "Custom Data" tab of XD02 into a different tab



I am new to SAP Screen Personas. I am planning to move a custom field from the Custom Data tab of Customer master(XD02) to the "Control Data" tab under "General Data" section. Since the screen numbers are different and moving is not possible, I have created a new field in the "Control Data" tab and wrote a small script to pass the value from the original custom field (KNA1-ZADDRESS3) that is in the "Custom Data" tab to this new field and save the data. The script is linked to the enter button(on click) on the initial screen of XD02 so that whenever we enter XD02, this should happen. However, I do not see data in the new field when the script is executed. I have attached the screen-shots of both the tabs of XD02 that I have used.Can you please suggest me if I am doing anything wrong here?