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Apr 09, 2010 at 06:22 AM

CATA: time sheet problem



Good day guys

Ive dev the user exit for order conrformation which is iw41. its fine and its transport to QA also.

now funcitonal guys testing the CAt2 and CATA for time sheet filling and transport to target componets.

when he doing his testing with cata t.code,my user exit is kicking and gives the custom error. wht is the realtion between iw41 and CATA t.code?

my user exit name :EXIT_SAPLCORF_004. for iw41

i think, if i put transation code based condition, it wont be interfear with other transactions? but still ive dobut wht is the relation between iw41 and cata tcode?

can any plz tell me?