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Apr 08, 2010 at 07:45 PM



I have copied the CRM_OPPORTUNITY_01 smartform and need additional data that is not being passed through the form interface. I would like to loop through orderadm_i, determine the additional fields that are required and build an internal table. I would then process this internal table in the PROD_ITEM_TABLE loop in the main window.

I have tried two different approaches and have not had any luck with either one. The first was to try to build the internal table by calling a form at initialization time but I was not able to get that to work. My next attempt was to try to put a code node directly before the PROD_ITEM_TABLE loop and then loop through the internal table.

With both of these approaches I have had trouble with defining the internal table without some sort of error. This is my first Smartform and I am looking for any guidance on the best approach for this.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.