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Apr 08, 2010 at 06:53 PM

SPM Post-configuration - question about "step 3" (Risk Terminator & RAR)


Hi all

I'm following the document "Post-Installation - Superuser Privilege Management for AC53".

I've installed the latest available SP-Levels on both Java (NW701) and R3-Backend (NW701).

From Chapter 16 / page 26 on the guide says I should configure SoD Reports betweens RAR (CC) & SPM (FF) for each SAP Backend. It even highlights I should use different Reports-Names (inaccessible note 1145048) for the different backend-systems.

My RAR test-landscape has a single system with usage type SAP HR and a single system with usage type Basis/General. So I re-configured the connectors in RAR and activated the SAP Adapters accordingly, created RFC/TCP Destinations, used different report names and configured Risk Terminator in each of them. I also took care that the JCo-Connector-Names for SPM correspond to the Connector-names chosen in RAR.

When it comes to chapter 20 / page 30 I'm surprised why I should create only one single connector ID for Risk Terminator since I configured 2 systems before?! I'm not able to create duplicate parameter "Connector ID for Risk Analysis" in SPM-configuration and it does not seem to be multivalue-friendly.

Please tell me what I misunderstand or what I'm doing wrong. As far as I understand it I'd like to see the SoD-Violations from all the reports I generate in the backend(s).

Additionally, if I run the SoD-Violations-Report in SPM Frontend I get "No match nor conflict found" - but this may be due to the fact that I have no violations - or it might be worth another question.

Best Regards