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Apr 08, 2010 at 04:46 PM

Dimension Formula Issue


We are using BPC 7 MS sp3 on a multiserver envronment running on SQL 2008.

Within our account dimension we have 3 hierarchies. I have run into a situation where I have a base level member that is only on H1 that has a dimension formula that references a parent member that is only on H2. The parent member that is on H2 is made up of base level members that are also on H1 but roll to different parents.

I can not get the base level member on H1 that has the dimension formula to give me the parent member value that is on H2. I have added the base level member that is on H1 to H2 and input the formula in the FormulaH1 and the FormulaH2 columns and I still don't get results.

I do get a result when I make the base level member only part of H2 and keep the formula only in FormulaH2.

example: A1_Base is the base level member in H1 and A_RU is the parent only on H2


A1_Base = '(closingperiod(month,ancestor(Time.currentmember,year).prevmember),[ACCOUNT].[H2].[A_RU],[Measures].[Periodic],[Actual]),SOLVE_ORDER=4

Is there a way to make the formula work so that I can create a dimension formula in a base level member that is on H1 that uses data from a parent that is only on H2?