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Jan 02, 2019 at 11:09 PM

how to assign current class reference to a variable


hi all,

i want to assign current class reference to a variable.

ex; in the below example i am not knowing how to assign lref_A1 in class A2 with reference of A1.

may i know how to assign it.

class A1 defination,
 methods first,

class A2,
data lref_A1 type ref to A1,
methods some_test,

class A1 implementaion.
method first.
create object lref_new2 type ref to A2.
*****how to assign lref_A1 the current reference 

***lref_new2-lref_A1 = this or lref_new2-lref_A1 = me "is not working 

********how to assign
end method.

create object lref_new type A1.
lref_new->first( ).