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Former Member
Apr 08, 2010 at 03:14 PM

Posting Variant and Account Type


Hi Experts,

In OB52, we are maintaining the posting variant (that tied to a company code) and account type & also the period to be open/closed.

For the account type, we have +, A,D,K,S.

Can someone please explain how to use the above combination.

a) Is it means that, I only create posting variant for A,D,K & S (without +). Then I can control the posting period based on the respective A,D,K and S. I tried to do this way and it doesn't work.

b) Another way is I created posting variant with account type + : open period 1 2010 to 1 2010.

Then I need to post period to 12 2009 for GL journal posting.

So I open the account type S for period 12 2009 to 12 2009. But it also doesn't work in this manner.

Looks like it always follow the account type + and ignore those other account type.

Please help and thank you very much.