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Jan 02, 2019 at 05:39 PM

Passing Input Parameter from BEx via Composite Provider to Calculation View

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Even though in RSRT, the FISCPER value of 2018001 seems to be passed correctly to the Input Parameter of Calculation View, there is no corresponding data in the Query Result.

Tests were performed both on existing CP and on a new CP built directly on the used CV.

Tested not only variable fetched by Customer Exit but also a constant e.g. 2018001.

Looking forward to your help.


When opening the CV in DB, in Data Preview mode and putting in 2018001 as an Input Parameter, the result is displayed correctly.

When opening the BEx query, variable value seems to be passed OK but there is no result. "No applicable data found".


There is a CV1, It has a 0FISCPER input parameter mapped to CV2 and CV3 used as a sub-CVs.

CV1 is published in CP, the input parameter is mapped accordingly to BEx query and filled in customer exit.






ss1.png (24.7 kB)
ss2.png (28.9 kB)
ss3.png (9.4 kB)
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