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Former Member
Apr 08, 2010 at 12:24 PM

Contract to purchase requisition



I have this situation: I want to creat a contract with reference to a purchase requisition and I'd want to divide the quantity of the purchase requisition. For exemple: I created a purchase requisition with 100 quantity. Now I'd like to creat a contract with 50 e another contract with 50. After that the system should block the creation of the contract with this requisition, becouse the full quantity is complitly requirid. I activated message 06053 but in this case I can use the purchase requisition only one time (whithout divide the quantity of the purchase requisition). I already put the message 06 076, but it works only for PO, a need it for contracts.

I wrotte this message 2 days ago, but I have had an answare that was not satisfactory.