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Apr 08, 2010 at 10:09 AM

Insurance application to SAP Interface for SD Billing


Hi Gurus;

Pls help me with these requirments: (Baseline v1.604)


Insurance application:

1) Proposal is generated

2) Receipt generated in third party insurance application

3) Proposal converts to policy in third party application


When receipt is generated in that application, it has to trigger an invoice in SAP for that policy number and customer which has to be cleared against the receipt number in that application. Please guide me on this as to what transactions in SAP would help in getting this done.

I am asking this question from functional point of view, not the ABAP side of this.


A TO BE has to developed for Policy cancellation also (Refunds)

1) Policy is cancelled

2) Refund Voucher created in that application

This has to trigger a refund in SAP against the same policy number and customer id leading to accounts payable in SAP..

In a gist...the client wants the sale part to happen in current application and the financials to migrate to SAP.

Any guidance will be much appreciated.