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Former Member
Apr 08, 2010 at 05:11 AM

select statement not working


hi to all,

I am trying to write use inner joining . here is code

DATA:tabname LIKE dd02L-tabname,

table_disc LIKE dd02t-ddtext.

SELECT dd02ltabname dd02tddtext INTO (tabname,table_disc)

FROM dd02l INNER JOIN dd02t on dd02ltabname = dd02ttabname

WHERE dd02tddlanguage = 'E' AND dd02ltabclass = 'TRANSP'

AND dd02L~tabname = 'ZANKI*'.


write : tabname.

I also checked in tables dd02t and dd02l for the table zanki* and data available in both table . but here select statement not working .do u have any idea about this. thank you