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Apr 08, 2010 at 02:44 AM

PO 'Version Completed' Flag


This post is basically to check that our system (ECC 6.0) is working correctly after a recent upgrade. We're experiencing the following issue to do with PO versions and release strategy:

1. PO created and version 0 is created. The 'version completed' flag is automatically set on version 0. This is correct and as per our config. The PO is released and printed successfully.

2. The PO value is increased and a version 1 is created. The user is required to maintain a reason code within the version, but is NOT required to check the 'version completed' flag. The amended PO can be saved.

3. Because the 'version completed' flag has not been checked the PO's release strategy is not reset - ie; the previous releases are not cancelled. This means that users are able to get around the release process. If the version completed flag is set the the releases are reset.

My question is ... is the system operating correctly? I thought with the standard product that it was mandatory to check the 'version complete' flag before being able to save an amended PO. Can anyone confirm if that is the case? If it's not the case, I'm very surprised that the std product provides such an obvious way for users to circumvent the control of the PO release process.

Thanks - Phil