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Dec 29, 2018 at 07:40 AM

No requirements for components (SFG-Configurable)


Hi Gurus..

I have a requirement.

My finished Good is Configurable. (ex. FG1)

bom component of FG1 is SFG1.

bom component of SFG1 is SFG2 which is again configurable.

now my issue is when i am maintaining all the materials as configurable all levels of the BOM is exploding during MRP. and the requirements generating for SFG2 as well..but when i am removing the configurable indicator from SFG1 than the requirements of SFG2 is not generating from MRP (no planned order/purchase requisition)

any idea why the system is behaving in this way ??

we are using S4Hana 1709 On-Premise system.and i am using strategy 25 for FG1.