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Apr 07, 2010 at 03:00 PM

Secure Store lib Dir does not exist in Deployment tool


Hi Experts,

Since yesterday I've being fighting with this problem, I'm in the process of configuring and MDSD productive server for our landscape, one of the steps according to guide and that we did suscesfully in Dev and QAS system is to deploy a .jar file using Deployment Tool but I'm unable to do it because every time I try to deploy, the tool shows SECURE STORE LIB DIR DOES NOT EXISTS ..... /SYS/SID/global/security/lib/tools.

I've found some similar problems in SDN but I have tried some correction actions here with no luck. The .jar files are in the directory, if I use

servernamesapmnt it takes me to the correct location, also saploc is pointing to the correct Path so I donĀ“t see why this is not working. I already checked authorizations also.

This is a NW 7.0 with MDSD 3.0 in an MSCS Windows 2003 Cluster that I think has some problem because in "normal" installation this did not happened.

Any ideas?