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Apr 07, 2010 at 02:30 PM

Regarding Error: Unable to Convert Sender System to ALE Logical System


Hi friends,

in File to IDoc scenario, i created a sender business system called bs_filetoidoc_send based on Standalone technical system and a receiver business system based on ABAP r/3 system. in my SAP IDES system which is dual stack (abap+java), XI client is 001 (LS: devclnt001) and r/3 client is 800 (LS: t90clnt090) i.e i'm posting idoc to t90clnt090.

I tried to send a text file. but while processing xml message in XI, i got an error saying "Unable to Convert Sender System to ALE Logical System".

then i searched the blogs and forum and found the solution. it was saying LS name was not assigned to BS bs_filetoidoc_send. so i went to SLD and tried to assign LS devclnt001 to my sender BS bs_filetoidoc_send, but got an error saying that "A business system with LS devclnt001 already exists". when i checked which is that BS, it is supposed to be the INTEGRATION SERVER itself with BS name INTEGRATION_SERVER_DEV.

then i configured my sender BS as INTEGRATION_SERVER_DEV itself which picked up the text file successfully and also receiver abap server received the IDOC with correct data and format with status 51. so scenario worked fine when i used my sender BS as INTEGRATION SERVER itself.

please clear my following doubts which arose after this scenario.

1) why the scenario didn't work when I used only standalone sender business system?

2) why should we assign a LS name of XI server to sender business system only in this scenario?

scenario worked according to my requirement, but using integration server itself as a sender BS confused though.

Many Thanks.