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Apr 07, 2010 at 09:30 AM

POS-DM, BIW & R/3 posting issue after BIW patch updation


Landscape details:

SAP IS-Retail (ECC 6.0), SAP POS (Triversity GM 9.5.10), PI 7.0, BIW/POS-DM 7.0

Issue Detail

We have upgraded the patch level of Support package BI_CONT in BIW from 5 to 11 in production server and after that following issues have started:

1. The duplicate posting started in R/3 i.e. if some POS EoD (TLog) file is already posted from POS-DM to R/3 and if the same file comes to POS-DM again then it gets posted in R/3 again. It was not happening before updating the patch, it used to get stop in POS-DM only.

2. We have some EANs which starts with ZERO, those POS transaction doesnu2019t get posted in BIW Cubes and R/3 wherein the ZERO prefix articles exists. It stuck in POS-DM with the error u201CUnknown EAN/UPC numberu201D. But this error comes only if we enable the u201CMstr Data Filteru201D check from General Setting in /N/POSDW/IMG. If we disable this check then the data gets posted in R/3 but it doesnu2019t go in RSA7 & BIW Cubes.

3. Before updating the patch the u201CMstr Data Filteru201D check was disabled and our posting was happening perfectly in R/3 as well BIW. What we understand is that, this check is required to pick the Article Code from masters with reference of EAN number which comes in POS TLog file and then it gets posted. We had written a ROUTINE in update rules to pick the Article Code from masters after truncating ZERO prefix from EAN, because the masters which we upload in R/3 with ZERO prefix EAN are getting updated in BIW without ZERO prefix.

4. In the T-Code /N/POSDW/MON0, we are not able to change the status of processed transaction from 4 (completed) to 1 (ready) or vice-a-versa. Earlier we were able to do the same. This is required to re-process the transactions after doing the corrections in errors occurred at the time of first processing.


Amar Preet Singh