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Apr 07, 2010 at 08:30 AM

Mergin Purchase Order Items and Material Movements / Stocks



We have a requierement to add a couple of fields on Stocks infocube which are informed in the Purchase Order Items DSO.

We are considering following options:

  • Create a new dimension with these two fields in Stocks Infocube, and inform the fields by code, selecting the data from Purchase Orders DSO. This is possible as we have purchase order number in the standard material movement extractor.

  • Create a multiprovider with Stocks infocube and Purchase Orders Items, the problem here is that Stocks infocube does not have purchase order number, so we might have to add this new field to the infocube, probably in a line item dimension, so the multiprovider is consistent.

  • Create directly a new DSO, merging data with same purchase order, coming from 2LIS_02_ITM (purchase orders items) and 2LIS_03_BF, material movements. Here we would not need all the movements, only some with specific purchase order type.

Considering that data volume is high, as we are working in Retail enviroment, and performance is really important for us, what do you think will be the best option?

Thanks in advance.