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Apr 07, 2010 at 08:27 AM

Questions on data migration....


Hi all,

I'm currently facing the problem that my colleagues from the data migration team are about to migrate legacy data to the new system using BDC/LSMW.

1.) Is it true that the system bypasses any checks concerning number ranges (even if the range doesn't exist at all)? Example: They're about to migrate master inspection characteristics. Let's assume that the old MIC had the number 1234 and the new MIC is supposed to have the number 0001_1234. Do I need to create and assign the external number range?

2.) If I don't need the number range described under 1.) and I do the migration accordingly (again NO number range created and/or assigned). What would happen if I access this MIC in the future and try to use it in an inspection plan. Would the system reject the usage because there's no number range or would it work normally?

Any help on this issue is greatly appreciated. Please let me know as well, if I need to post it in a different forum.