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Apr 07, 2010 at 07:22 AM

Use employee photo in SMARTFORMS


Dear all,

As we know, we can upload employee photo so that the employee photo can be seen when user browses through transaction code such as 'PA30/PA20'. Where as the employee photo is uploaded through the transaction code OAAD so the picture is stored as an Archive-Link document.

Currently I have a requirement to create a custom form using SMARTFORMS which can show the employee photo in the form. I've been reading through this forum and find negative responses for this kind of requirement because:

1.Smartform can only uses 'BMP' type picture

2. Smartform can only uses graphic object stored through the transaction code: SE78.

Is there anybody who has found a way around this problem and uses uploaded employee photo within the smartform. Kindly share the solutions.

If we can't uses the uploaded photo, is it possible for a smartform to uses a picture which is put in a file server.

Best Regards

-Suwardi Nursalim-