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Former Member
Apr 07, 2010 at 06:24 AM

Copy Method for Other Group Currency


Hi Experts,

We have a requirement for reporting certain entities in a different group currency (say EUR).

We have done the following:

1.Created a new version (say 200)

2. Set up a copy method and assigned a currency translation method to it (which uses group currency key figure as source)

The copy method settings were as follows - Update mode: Delete All, Input Type: Cumulative. This copy method was assigned to a copy task.

This setup was working fine we tested it as follows:

1. Documents posted in the first version

2. Run the currency translation task in the first version (say 100) to get group currency key figure in version 100

3. Running copy task in version 200 to copy data.

Now we have an additional requirement that we should have the first group currency data (say USD) also somewhere in version 200 (for reporting purpose).

For this we did a mapping in the copy method for transaction currency key figure so that transaction currency key figure in version 200 copies the group currency value of version 100.

However after this the copy method did not work properly. We did not have either transaction currency or group currency key figure getting populated in version 200 after we run the copy task. Only local currency key figure was getting populated.

Any idea why this is not working or any other manner in which we can have USD group currency values in version 200 as well?

Thanks in Advance.