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Apr 06, 2010 at 10:32 PM

Determining the Pending Approver(s) for a CUP Request


Hi GRC Forum,

We use GRC CUP 5.3 SP8 for provisioning account in SAP. We are gathering the Role owner approvals in CUP and the account gets automatically provisioned once all approvals are done in CUP.

We have a challenge in rightly identifying the pending approvals for a CUP request. When you search for a request and view it, the ' Approval Path Status" section shows all approvers that the system had identified in the request path. We have a single stage approval path and when the request contains multiple Roles, it's difficult to find the approver the request is now waiting on especially when some Role owners have already approved their roles.

Further, the Roles/Profiles section too is confusing to the fact that it displays all Roles to be approved(with a green check) though they might not be approved yet.

The only alternative that we have found till now is to check the audit trail to see the roles that are said to be approved. But this also poses another conflicting audit trail part that if the approver choose to add some roles while he approves his roles, they also are stated to be approved. But in fact they are only added and will need to get the approvals from the respective owners later.

Has anybody come across a clear method to identify the pending approvers for a CUP request? Thanks for any hints,