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White-listing SAP Fiori applications for S/4 HANA implementation

Dear Fellow Fiori developers,

Did anyone of you come across the problem of listing all SAP Fiori applications and their mappings to Fiori launchpad business catalogs and roles as a part of "to be" scope documentation for project implementation? At our consulting company, we started our S/4 HANA implementations with listing applications in Excel spreadsheet but with the increasing number of applications (on some projects over 200 apps) it became cumbersome to keep such spreadsheets. Especially because it is hard to model and keep consistent in Excell the N:N relation for application to business catalogs and business catalogs to roles.

To tackle that need we ended up creating a simple Fiori app that keeps all data and mappings in table and called Fiori Tracker. I curious how do others handle that requirement. Would be great to hear from you.

Best regards


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  • Greg so you create entries manually in the app it does not pull out the detail from the system or it does? Curious to know!


  • Hi Nabheet, The entry needs to be created manually as Fiori Tracker holds the "to-be" list. Meaning which out of all available apps in the system should be made accessible to users (hence "White-listing").

    Once the entry is there the data like: start count for the list of top used apps, assignment to roles through catalogs, is pulled from the system based on semantic object and action.

    br Greg

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3 Answers

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    Dec 26, 2018 at 11:03 AM

    Hi Greg,

    Ya, a bit of cumbersome task. Excel should only be a temporary way to show your in scope items. Your master sheet should contain all the information downloaded from the app library. I recommend you to keep downloading the list from the library selecting only the required columns like roles, groups, catalogs, app name. SAP keeps on releasing new apps and new version of apps. So the component mismatch or version mismatch is sure thing. Sometimes with new package, comes new components and new prerequisites. Idea of app is great. But how about keeping the data updated as of the library, so that there is no manual work.

    SAP also provides many tools and system comparison or best fit. One being SAP fiori recommendation. This should be part of every activity before preparing the "in scope" items.


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    • Hi Tejas,

      Thanks for your interesting comments. We opted out using Fiori library for white-listing for the following reasons:

      1. no possibility to keep agreed assignments for:

      - business catalog

      - group

      - business role

      2. no possibility to keep agreed launching parameters: semantic object and action

      3. no possibility to divide the responsibility for catalogs between the number of functional stream leads

      4. no possibility to keep important from the project management point of view app types: Standard Fiori, Custom UI5, SAP Gui, SAP Gui Custom, Extended standard Fiori.

      5. no possibility to keep custom apps

      6. limited performance of Fiori library - especially for a large number of apps (>200)

      Fro automatic updates: the only parameter that we need and could have updated from the library is the app name - currently, it is set manually but we plan to have it updated from Fiori library automatically with a background job. Also, it would be useful to have the standard technical catalog.

      Here is how the view for app details looks like:

      As for preparing "in scope" items - indeed those are useful tools and not yet widely known by functional consultants.

      Best regards


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  • Dec 28, 2018 at 07:06 AM

    Interesting app, but the question is : Do SAP functional person really need to know all these details ? As these details are only relevant for technical Fiori consultants or admin Fiori person or say a Fiori Technical Architect.

    I prefer this kind of app only in transition phase, when a person is coming out of project after Fiori setup and he can handover to Support. This app will be very useful, they can know what all system configs are done, custom catalogs and groups created, roles and authorization etc.



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  • Dec 28, 2018 at 12:24 PM

    Thanks for a valid question.

    I’m assuming that the SAP functional is responsible for:

    1. Whether an app should be included in the project scope so we need to record that fact together with the area assignment

    2. Deciding what are the user roles in the system. As a result of that assumption functional needs to be responsible for deciding what is the apps grouping for business catalogs as catalogs are assigned to roles.

    This is all needed for the initial setup of Fiori Launchpad. Later we need to be ready for changes: adding, removing apps. When a project is done with an agile approach and scrum you will have the same cycle repeated for every sprint or at least every release.

    For changes SAP functional needs to be aware of what are the catalogs so he can make a call whether a new catalog is needed or the application should be added to an existing one.

    Support is the second main beneficiary of the app for the same reasons.



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