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Former Member
Apr 06, 2010 at 06:52 PM

Identical ID in two or more dimensions encountered during transport issue.


Hi there,

we encountered an issue WHEN having members IDENTICAL ID in two or more dimensions. Example:

ACCOUNT Dim; member 1000 = Cash

MATERIAL Dim: member 1000 = Plastic Cup

When in a report, we are showing only ACCOUNT members in the rows (hardcoded). for the 1000 member we have to specifiy ACCOUNT:1000 for the correct account and description to appear. - When not specifiying the dimensionname before the account then 'for whatever reason' the MATERIAL member will be display and used in report.

Here is the problem! - When we transport the report, whith hardcoded ACCOUNT:1000 celll from SB to our DEV environment, then the report does NOT work appropriatly anymore! ... this is the case as the DEV environment does NOT have a member 1000 in the MATERIAL dimension. Hence the differenetiation or hardcoding is not needed. However in addition to not needed the transported Report is NOT working anymore due to that exact same. - One once we go in DEV to remove the 'ACCOUNT:' before 1000, then the correct discription and values are refreshed, before (ACCOUNT:1000) it does not refresh with values.

How come? How to handle this inconsistancy? --- When hardcoding ACCOUNT:1000 in dimension set where numerous dimension have the 1000 member, the report works. - However same report, in an environment without identical members in numerous dimension, the report does NOT work.

Any suggestions?