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Apr 06, 2010 at 08:10 AM

Foriegn Currency diff in Parellel currencies.


Hi all,

I have a typical issue. My CC curr INR, 2nd LC USD, and 3rd LC SGD

We use FM-Commitment items for budgeting and CO-IO for cost collection.

FM area curr USD, so the budgets for the commitment items were maintained in USD


PO: PO created for 100 INR (No accounting entry-No issues)

MIGO: For this accounting entry GR/IR account is credited with 100 INR in LC, 2.25 USD in LC2, and 3.25 SGD in LC3.

MIRO: For this accounting entry GR/IR account is debited with 100 INR in LC, 2.30 USD in LC2, and 3.50 SGD in LC3.

So when I use F.13 to clear the open items in GR/IR account, system posts some line items to exchange loss expense account.

Where as my LC balance is 0 only, but there is a small diff in USD and SGD.

So my accounting entry is posted like (During F.13)

(PK) (GL) (AMT in LC) (AMT in LC2) (AMT in LC3)

(40) (Exch loss) (0.00 INR) (0.05 USD) (0.25 SGD)

(50) (GR/IR) (0.00 INR) (0.05 USD) (0.25 SGD)

There is no issue in LC and LC3 clearings.

For LC2, the amount Dr 0.05 USD is consuming from the budget figures (from the commitment item maintained in exch loss GL account). Since my budgeting curr and LC2 are same. (USD)u2026..this is what we are not expecting at all...

We made settings in OBY6 for this Comp Code as No Forex diff, when clearing in LC. But still this issue is coming.

Local currency is the base currency for the LC2 and LC3 conversion.

We are expecting the accounting entry at the time of F.13 like , there would not be any line items in that clearing document. (Clearing document without line items)

I know that, in PO, there is a check box called Exch rate fixed, if we select it during PO creation, this can be prevented. But all of my POs are created long back and GRN, INV are also done. We cannot edit the POs now.

Is there any other way, where we could not get any line items during clearing?