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Query in Hana Studio or Eclipse vs Business Explorer (BEx) Query

Hi guys,

Based on your experience or in blogs of SAP, what is the advantage in creating a query using the hana studio/eclipse vs business explorer query designer? Should we already shift to the former in creating our queries? Right now all of our queries were created using bex query designer. Aside from the difference in GUI, what is the primary reason in shifting to hana studio/eclipse query creation?

Thanks a lot.


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3 Answers

  • Jan 03 at 08:10 PM

    Hi Loed,

    I understand that the old query designer is not available in BW4HANA. But ff you're working with BW On Hana, there are some advantages and some disadvantages to moving to the new tool, and whether it's better for you depends on your scenarios. Personally I prefer the new one.

    Some advantages:

    1) Once you get used to the interface, finding queries and query elements and adding them to the query is a lot faster than before. This especially holds true if you're dealing with infoproviders with a large number of chars,KFs,CKFs or RKFs. The KF tree also loads much faster, but you won't even need it if you already know what you're looking for.

    2) You can work on several queries from several different systems and languages in different tabs, without having to open a separate window for each.

    3) The new formula editor is a real pleasure to work with - it's better in almost every sense than the old one.

    4) As a BW consultant, some of your focus will be switched to the BW-MT regardless of the Query Designer, depending on how much of your model is already migrated to the new infoprovider types and your investment in HANA native modeling.


    1) Installing BW-MT is a bit complex.

    2) SAP recommends a different installation procedure for report builders who aren't BW consultants, which also seems to be a bit complex.

    3) I preferred Bex web opening in a browser window as the previous query designer rather than it opening in a frame inside HANA studio as it does now.

    4) It's not tightly integrated with Analysis Office as the previous QD was with Analyzer.

    5) Creating variables is a bit less convenient, as it's now done separately from the filter window.

    6) No broadcaster feature, you'll have to use the one in the BEx Web preview window.



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  • Jan 04 at 09:26 AM

    Thanks a lot Ganesh and Shai for sharing your personal experiences. I will share to this to my team and ask for their views.

    Thank you! :-)


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  • Jan 03 at 06:41 PM

    Hi Load,

    Using this feature you can do all work in eclipse no need to open separate tools and one more you can use created queries as HANA view also.

    Please see following blog it may answers most of your questions.



    Ganesh Bothe

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