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Apr 05, 2010 at 10:45 PM

Calculate and display % in calculated memeber field in crosstab report -


I have crosstab report displaying cost data in dollars by forcast in months for future months and the data field is formated as currency. I need to add a calculated member field to display delta between last two forcast in months. I am able to add calculated member row to calculate and display % delta as shown below . My question is how to remove currency sign from the calculated value and display calculated %delta with % sign. Also also how to make % delta calculation upto one decimal point. I checked embbeded summary but it will not work for the calculation I am looking for.

if GridValueAt(currentRowIndex-1.00,currentColumnIndex,CurrentSummaryIndex)>0 then

formula = (GridValueAt(currentRowIndex-1.00,currentColumnIndex,CurrentSummaryIndex)/GridValueAt(currentRowIndex-3.00,currentColumnIndex,CurrentSummaryIndex))*100


formula = 0

end if

Thanks for the help.