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Apr 05, 2010 at 07:16 PM

Define field selection for individual/detail approval view problem



When I'm in SPRO trying to define approval views, I'm able to setup everything properly in our DEV environment. When it gets transported to QA, there are values missing.


In SPRO, at Personnel Managment -> ESS -> Service-Specific Settings -> Working Time -> Record Working Time -> Approve Working Time -> Define Field Selection for Individual Approval View or Define Field Selection for Detail View.

In either of these options, I'm able to select the fields for selection which saves 3 values, the field for selection, the display length, and an alternate field label. I have a couple of individual and detail views setup in DEV.

No problem in DEV to set this up.

I've transported it to QA (no errors on the transport), and when I go to the same location in SPRO, I can see that for example if I selected 5 fields for one of the views, there are 5 rows showing, and the lengths are displaying and the alternate field labels are all there, but there are no field names in the first column which are the fields I've selected.

So when I get to the portal, I'm always getting errors when I try to approve times, because it can't find the fields to display.

Has anyone encountered this, or know what may be wrong?