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Former Member
Apr 05, 2010 at 05:26 PM

APODPDANT for diff KFs



When we use the program MC8V to calculate Proportional factors and store it in APODPDANT Key figure,

and then when we use this APODPDANT KF in planning area as the disaggregation KF for both History and Forecast Key figures,

Both History and Forecast Key figures will be using the same proportions always for the same set of CVCs. I feel, it may not be possible to use different proportions for History and Forecast using the same APODPDANT at one time.

We may have to run the MC8V program twice if we need to use diff proportions for both History and Forecast KFs right? Like run first time for History just before History is copied from lets say Base History to Final History. And then run the MC8V program one more time to calculate new proportions in APODPDANT when we copy Stat Forecast to Final Statforecast.

My understanding is APODPDANT can store only one set of proportions at a given time for a given data set and if we want to use diff proprotions for both History KFs and Forecast KFs , we need to either run it twice or use one more KF in addition to APODPDANT as base. Would appreciate if anyone can correct me if I am wrong ?