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Apr 05, 2010 at 05:19 PM

Webdynpro Model import error - missing R3NAME or ASHOST



We have a new NWDI setup for our portal development for ESS and MSS components.

(NWDI 7.01 SP 05 and EP 7.01 SP05 and ECC 6.0 )

I am trying to import a WD model (adaptive RFC) into an NWDI project and am getting the following error.

I get this error after searching for the available FMs in the model import wizard, and when I am at the final screen.

However, If I create a local project, I am able to import the model (same FM and same backend system) without any problem.

I guess the problem is with only the NWDI projects and some thing to do with NWDI or SLD connection to the backend system.

The JCo destinations are setup correctly and I have tried using a couple of different logical system names and there is no change.

Does any one have any idea on what I am missing?

Appreciate your response.



Here is the error:

[Warning]: Creating a connection with Metamodel language <de> failed. Continuing with language <en>

[Fatal]:$Exception: Missing R3NAME=... or ASHOST=... in connect_param in RfcOpenEx

[Info]: Creating Model: IT0041

[Info]: Creating Model Class: Zfm_Hpt_Anndate_Input

[Info]: Creating Model Class: Zfm_Hpt_Anndate_Output

[Info]: Creating Model Class Property: E_Anndate

[Info]: Creating Model Class Property: I_Name

[Info]: Creating Model Relation: Zfm_Hpt_Anndate_Input:Output:Zfm_Hpt_Anndate_Output