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how to create park invoice for PO more than 990 records

Dear All

We have PO that contain 8000 records and we want to create 9 invoice how can to select 990 records in mir7 because the select block Button does not exist in mir7 and we have to select one by one and this takes a long time. please guide us how can create 9 park invoice for PO?

Best regards


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2 Answers

  • Nov 29, 2016 at 11:59 AM

    If you just do not use BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_PARK because of performance reasons then you should get in touch with SAP Support to get this analyzed. I can't really imagine that the BAPI would be slower than your manual work around.

    Still I have problems to understand the whole story, maybe because you missed to tell it. I can only imagine such big POs as one-time cases e.g. for initial equipping of a new spare parts warehouse. Any handling of such huge documents is inconvenient in any transaction and in any office if it is not automated by using EDI . Honestly, just imagine a customer service rep would get a PO with 8000 items and had to match it with their system and enter item by item into a sales order. Then in the shipping warehouse each item has to be picked and placed together for a single delivery, not to mention a completeness check before the truck leaves. And again in your reception, you have to receive 8000 items, checking quantity and quality. This all takes days to complete this job, I would not trust my system to not loose the data in the middle of the work due to network problems. And opening such huge POs with its PO history is just a pain for any buyer, except they enjoy reading novels until the system is back with the information.

    We would need more insight in the process to come up with a diligent solution. You may even need to talk with your vendor to develop a strategy for such big orders to make it convenient for all related parties.

    Based on the limited information I would recommend to create purchase orders with less than 1000 items.

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  • Nov 29, 2016 at 09:55 AM

    Is this an academic question or a real case?

    The select block button in MIR7 would not make much business sense, if you get an invoice for a PO with several hundred or even several thousand items, how can you then know that you have to select item 20 to 467 from your PO?

    How did you create a PO with 8000 items? this would take several days if it is done manually. And it is a bad idea either as you already realized with your limitation of item numbers in the FI document. What is the business case for such a big PO?

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    • Dear Jurgen

      it is real case

      for PO we use from BAPI_PO_CREATE but for invoice we can not use BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_PARK because invoice upload speed is very Low.

      we want to invoice all of PO items. ( we could have created an invoice if it would have been possible)

      my client does not FI Summarization for his reasons.

      Right now we do invoice the following way:

      at first select items 1 to 990 and second step select 1000 to 1990 and so on..... in MIR7.

      Best Regards