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Design Studio SDK: formatString empty in datasource JSON

Hi all,

we are experiencing two cases, in which the formatString property of the Design Studio SDK JSON does not seem to provide expected values.

1. If the query contains just amounts in e.g. CAD, but the first row has no value, the format String is empty.

With CAD in first row:

"key": "HIERARCHY_NODE/29FMYZDLPV1VY3O9LWXJ5VKRF/29FMYZDLPV1VY3O9LWXJG9KGR","text": "O/S Commitments\r\n(B = B1 + B2)","type": "HIERARCHY_NODE","scalingFactor": 0,"unitOfMeasure": "CAD","formatString": "#,##0.00 CAD;'-'#,##0.00 CAD","nodeState": "COLLAPSED"
Without CAD in first row:
"key": "HIERARCHY_NODE/29FMYZDLPV1VY3O9LWXJ5VKRF/29FMYZDLPV1VY3O9LWXJG9KGR","text": "O/S Commitments\r\n(B = B1 + B2)","type": "HIERARCHY_NODE","scalingFactor": 0,"formatString": "","nodeState": "COLLAPSED"

2. If a key figure is defined as type DATE in BW, the formatString actually contains the formatted value.

We would need a data type "DATE" or a more generic formatString to be able to format the value correctly:

 "key": "HIERARCHY_NODE/00O2TR96J4NY25AJPB9DUO67M/00O2TR8D4DR2O4V6J48JLF05G",  "text": "** Gruppe: Testkennzahlen",  "type": "HIERARCHY_NODE",  "scalingFactor": 0,  "formatString": "#.##0;'-'#.##0",  "nodeState": "EXPANDED"  }, {  "key": "00O2TR8D4DR4EJ8O7KCCOZ0IB",  "text": "letzte Warenbew.",  "scalingFactor": 0,  "formatString": "11.11.16",  "level": 1,  "parent": "HIERARCHY_NODE/00O2TR96J4NY25AJPB9DUO67M/00O2TR8D4DR2O4V6J48JLF05G"

Looking forward to your comments on this!

I have already found this post:

However, the answer does not seem to fit 100% to our Scenario:
"the format string is only sent if it would be identical for all cells that is would apply for - shortly for all data cells with the corresponding measure.
However, it can happen that cells have different currencies or units - and thus there is no common format string for all cells of the measure. In this case, there is no formatString sent.
If you need formatted data in such case, use the inludeFormattedData option and directly use the formattedData Array."

Thanks & all the best

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