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Apr 03, 2010 at 09:52 AM

How to Get back Deleted Standerd Objects


I am facing Dump Problem in WCM Module, Due to some oss note part de-implementation Function Module WCGW_OBJ_IWERK_GET is Deleted from Development Server. It cannot be added back since the de-implemented part of the note cannot be implemented again.

Dump Message as u201CFunction Module WCGW_OBJ_IWERK_GET does not existu201D .

We raise this problem to SAP Service Support they suggested to move missing objects like (FM, Include) from Production to Development.

If I try to put the include containing the FM in a transport request generated in production, the transport shows FUGR WCGW as the object.

Because when you see the object directory entry of an include of a function group, the object displayed is the function group itself.

So it appears the entire function group will be included in the transport although I selected only one include from the function group.

I only need 2 includes u2013 1 for the function pool and second containing the missing FM source code.

Is it safe or If I go ahead, it will cause problems like deleting a part of the function group or the entire function group from development server?

Please advice on how I can get the function module back in development environment.