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Apr 03, 2010 at 01:57 AM

CE7.1 clarification for STVN 2.1 OrgChart java



Wondering if anyone can point me to the right documentation on this.

Per master guide of STVN2.1 OrgChart Java Ediction, page 9, CE7.1 is needed to host OrgChart. And according to Nakisa's "SAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa 2.1 - java deployment guide", page 11, it indicates that only windows 2003 or Red Hat Linux 5 are the only supported OS.

We are an AIX/Oracle shop. For obvious reason, we do not want to go to Windows or Linux.

Question: does STVN2.1 OrgChart java has to be on either Windows or RedHat linux's CE7.1?

I hope the answer is "no", and please also kindly point me to any documentation.

Thanks much,