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Apr 02, 2010 at 09:09 PM

SAP GUI not responding over a VPN connection


Hello Experts,

I've been trying to access SAP from home via a VPN connection. I've Cisco VPN client running on my Windows XP SP3 system. I'm able to connect to the remote server and am able to ping the host. When I telnet the SAP server port 3200 or 3600, I get response.

I've SAP GUI version 7100.3.11.1042 patch level 11. I've changed the network settings to Low speed connection.

When I set it to high speed connection and try logging to SAP, i get splash screen with message "Trying to connect to server.. Please wait.." and then nothing happens.

When I switch to low speed connection, logon screen appears instantly and when I supply user ID and password, nothing happens and just hour glass appears.

If I make a second attempt to logon and provide same userID and password, then a popup screen appears with option for multiple logon and lists out earlier logon attempt. By choosing option to continue logon without terminating other session, nothing happens. I see hour glass on that session too.

I turned on the GUI trace and didn't find any error. Here is a sample section of trace file -


Date: Fri Apr 02 12:50:18 2010

Trace mode (0xFFFCFFFF): Monitor Warning Error detailed (Components) (Components-detailed) timestamps


Trace components:


(02.04.10 12:50:18.820)(1646416464/3911239112 KB) CThreadExceptionHandlerBase 0x0341FC80 instantiated

Monitor : SAPFEW UI-Thread id=324

Monitor(02.04.10 12:50:18.830)(16560/39128 KB): CMainFrame::OnCreate(): Empty Menu created, handle 0x410475

Monitor(02.04.10 12:50:18.890)(17704+1144/39920 KB): CMyUIThread::InitInstance(): Init local history

Monitor(02.04.10 12:50:18.920)(19236+1532/40500 KB): Loaded local DB.

Monitor : Exit of CMyUIThread::InitInstance(): successful

  • data from server ***************

Monitor : Reading Data from Dispatcher ...

Monitor : INCOMING REQUEST msg: 0343E008 msg no 1 len 2765

<1=Monitor (19240/40500 KB):

<1=Monitor : Overhead->mode 0

<1=Monitor : Overhead->com_flag 0

<1=Monitor : Overhead->mode_stat 17

<1=Monitor : Overhead->err_flag 0

<1=Monitor : Overhead->msg_type 0

<1=Monitor : Overhead->msg_info 1

<1=Monitor : Overhead->msg_rc 0

<1=Monitor : Overhead->compress 1

<1=Monitor :

<1=Monitor (19244/40500 KB): MB_CUR_MAX = 1; front code page = 0

<1=Monitor : CSession::ReadDataStream: AgiParseStream called

<1=Monitor(02.04.10 12:50:18.970)(19316/40500 KB): CSession::ReadDataStream: AgiParseStream done

<1=Monitor : UpdateUser: user = ||, lang = |EN|, code-page = 1160

<1=Monitor (19320/40500 KB): Program name SAPMSYST

<1=Monitor (19340/40500 KB): Program name SAPMSYST

<1=Monitor : Dynpro no. 0020

<1=Monitor : Program (GUI) SAPMSYST

<1=Monitor : Cua status 0020

<1=Monitor : window tooltip

<1=Monitor (19412/40504 KB): CSession::UpdateSession(): Destroying Menu with handle 0x410475

<1=Monitor : CSession::UpdateSession(): Attaching menu 0x4c0499 with handle to Menu

<1=Monitor : CSession::EnableMenu: Number of menu for Menu 0x4c0499 items: 3

<1=Monitor(02.04.10 12:50:18.980)(19424/40504 KB): CSession::EnableMenu: Number of menu for Menu 0x4c0499 items: 3

Monitor(02.04.10 12:50:36.765)(20256/40912 KB): Double Buffering enabled

  • data to server ***************

=1>Monitor (20268/40944 KB): Current window placement was saved to registry.

=1>Monitor (20280/40944 KB): ResponseTime: 0

=1>Monitor (20292/40944 KB): Xml datastream send via DIAG

=1>Monitor : CSession::EnableMenu: Number of menu for Menu 0x4c0499 items: 3

=1>Monitor : sending message to dispatcher

=1>Monitor (20308/40960 KB): done => waiting for response

(02.04.10 12:50:36.866)(20384/40960 KB)

  • data from server ***************


Any advise?



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