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Dec 26, 2018 at 07:37 PM

Setting standard fields defaults


Hello SAP Professionals,

We would like to have Payment Terms in Sales Quotes to match the payment terms in Accounts> Sales Data. Its a requirement that sales quotes have payment terms in them but its also a requirement that the payment terms can not be changed by sales reps. Our payment terms are set by our finance department and can not be editable. We would like for when we select an Account while creating a sales quote, for the Payment Terms to auto populate to the payment term that has been set for that account. For example, Auction Meat's payment term is set to, "C-Net 14". We would like for when we select Auction Meat as the account for a sales quote, the payment terms field in sales quote to auto populate to, "C-Net 14". Please help with this has we can not allow employees to change our Payment Terms and Sales Quotes being sent to our B1 require Payment Terms. Thank you.