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Apr 02, 2010 at 10:16 AM

Central Monitoring


I am trying to configure Central Monitoring for our environment and having problems getting the auto reactions to work on the satalite systems. I've installed the CCMS agent on the satalite but when the events occur that should trigger the auto reaction nothing is happening. The auto reactions occur fine on the central system.

My questions are, is the CCMS agent required on the central server as well as the satalite systems for the Central auto reaction to occur?

On my central monitoring server, shouldn't I be able to see all the satalite nodes in the list in RZ20? If so, how do I add them? The only place I see the monitoring occurring centrally is in transaction DSWP under system monitoring. Why don't these systems show up in RZ20?

My auto Reactions are created on the Central Monitoring Server only. According to the documentation. When I look on the satalites they are not on those servers. Should they be?

Is there any clear documentation on setting this up?