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Apr 01, 2010 at 09:45 PM

Bonus Calculation


Dear Consultants,

While calculating Annual Bonus in Payroll India, we maintain the basis (Basis + DA) as min of 3500 or actual. Further, if a person earning Basic + DA = 8000 avails Without Pay Leave for 15 Days, his basis of 3500 is expected to get reduced by 50% i.e. 1750/-. But, currently the system considers the earned Basic + DA in this month as 50 % of 8000 = 4000. & further reduces it to 3500. as such he gets full bonus compared to what he would have got in case of his full presence.

He should be entitled to full basis of 3500/- only if he is full present. we want the Basis of 3500 also to get reduced proportionately upon his LWP.

How can we achieve it ?