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Apr 01, 2010 at 06:07 PM

Workflow - Executable Item


I'm setting up a purchase requisition program using a custom workflow and I'm having a couple issues getting it to work properly. I have my workflow all setup and it works perfectly when I assign the workflow in SPRO to MY username in regards to releasing a purchase req, but I can't get to work with other users. Here's an example...

Workflow is assigned for my own user (within SPRO) to release a purchase req

When I create a purchase req for my own user to release, run RSWUWFML2 to transmit the workflow item to my external email, I'll recieve an email with an executable item as an attachment. When double clicking on that attachment, I'm prompted to enter my user name and pass to get into the server. Then, I'm taken DIRECTLY to ME54N (release requisition) and from there I can either release or deny my own requisition. Works perfectly as it should.

Workflow is assigned for USER X (within SPRO) to release a purchase req

Either me, or another user will create a purchase req. From there, I run RSWUWFML2 to transmit the workflow item to the other user's email. That user will recieve the email with the executable attachment just as I had recieved one myself. However, this is where things get weird... After double clicking the attachment and entering their user name and pass to get into the server, this other user receives a popup. The popup says "OK-Code: ONLI". After clicking the check mark on the box, the user will just be left out on the main SAP page. What should happen is that the user should be taken directly to ME54N as soon as they enter the server from clicking the attachment in the email.

Not sure why this is happening. Any ideas, suggestions? All help is appreciated!