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Apr 01, 2010 at 03:51 PM

Problems with SAP standard GR smartform


Hi, I hope someone can help.

I am trying to change over to using smartforms for goods receipt slips. I have found package /SMB40/ which contains the SAP smartforms and printing programs for goods receipts and have made changes to the config via M706 as below:

Program /SMB40/M07DR

Form Routine ENTRY_WE03


PDF/Smartform Form /SMB40/MMGR1_A Form Type 1 SmartForm

The problem I am having is when I MIGO a PO line I get the usual message telling me that a material document has been created but when I move to my next screen I get an error message

Express document "Update was terminated" ...

When I check the PO, the GR has not been completed. I expect that this is due to there being an error and everything being rolled back.

I have checked through the logs in ST22 and it does look like in the print program there is an error being added to the error log and the problem arises when it tries to display the log. I haven't managed to get the debug screen for the print program to come up in order to find the error so if anyone could help with this it would be appreciated. Getting back to the problems with the print program itself, I am surprised I am having a problem as it and the smartform are provided by SAP. Are my setting in M706 correct and if so, any ideas on what else could be wrong.