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Apr 01, 2010 at 03:14 PM

Master Data question - Resource Master



Got some master data related questions on Resource master. I am kind of relatively new to APO and trying to understand master data fields and functionalities. Can someone please explain me in layman terms with a small easily understandable example,

1) What is the difference between time continous capacity and bucket capacity?

2) What and where do we use u201Cexternal capcityu201D? I read somewhere that if we check box the external capacity, then APO uses capapity from R/3. What difference does it make if capacity used from R/3 or bring it over to APO and use it from APO? When u check box the u201Cexternal capcityu201D you are already bringing the resource to APO. So what is the use of using the capacity from r/3?

3) A Multi activity resource has a capacity of 8 hrs per day. For example a resource has 5 lathes and u can carry 5 different activities/operations at the same time on this resource. So every lathe has 8 hrs of capacity, that means the overall capcity is 5*8 = 40 hrs???? and where are we specifiying number of lathes u201C5u201D in the resource master?

4) What is the advantage of deriving bucket capacity from time continous, than directly defining bucket capacity?


Appreciate your help..