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Dec 24, 2018 at 09:01 AM

VAT exchange rate calculated in vendor line item


Hi Team,

We have configured the VAT exchange rate types for Indonesia as part of legal requirement.

Requirement: is to have system calculate expenses at exch rate "M" and VAT amounts at "IT" types for we have configured the relevant settings in SAP and when testing the scenarios using Foreign currency we are getting error as the Vendor line item (including tax amount) is calculated at the "M" rate instead of bifurcating it to "M" and "IT" respectively.

below is the example for your reference.

if you see the below example, the vendor line item including TAX amount is being calculated at "M" instead of calculating 1000*M and 100 * IT rates.

because of the that there is a new Line item generated which is wrong for balancing the local currency.

Itm PK Account Profit C Cost Tx Crcy Amount Amount in LC Text 1 31 Vendor V1 SGD 2 40 Expenses XXXX YYYY V1 SGD 3 40 VAT Acct V1 SGD 4 40 Ex rate diff a/c SGD

if you look at the amount in local currency, the vendor line item amount is incorrect and also there is a new line item generated for the balance clearing which is wrong.

We have maintained M at 56.49471 and IT at 40.49471

can any one pls let me know if there is something that is missing or how to rectify the issue.