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Former Member
Apr 01, 2010 at 07:30 AM

Missing Document Flow in Notification


Hello all,

I just finished setting up a repair process in my client's system. Each step in the service cycle right from the creation of the notification till the billing is working per requirements.

However, I notice some issue with the document flow in the notification.

I have set the process such that the Repair (Sales) Order is created from the action box in the notification. But for some reason, when I display the document flow in the notification, I am unable to see the repair sales order that was created. However, when I go to VA02, I see the repair sales order number in the field and the document flow in the repair sales order does show the notification from which the sales order was created.

In going through the SPRO nodes, I could not find any specific setting that I can activate for document flow display in notification.

Does any one know how I can have the subsequent documents displayed in the notification document flow...?