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Nov 29, 2016 at 06:48 AM

Sybase TEMPDB space


Hello Experts,

We are facing few issues when our BW team is executing process chain in one of the system with Sybase 15.7 SP50.

They are stopped by a dump and when we see error log we found an error “ Insufficient resources” in temdb. But if we observe free available memory for that database it has only 1.59% utilized. Could you please suggest me how to overcome this?

Also is it required to alter database even it has 98% empty space?

I am attaching screens that could be useful in guiding me.

Best Regards,



1.png (19.3 kB)
2.png (22.0 kB)
3.png (14.7 kB)
4.png (22.0 kB)