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Apr 01, 2010 at 02:15 AM



HI Everyone,

I need to know how we set up Generic Delta in the following scenarios.

1) When we have a Generic Extractor based on a View and this View has multiple table(For Example 2 Tables to start with).

Then how wil you have the Generic Delta based on which field from which table? FOr example Table 1 has Header Data and Table2 has Item Data.Our Functional Consultant says Header can change or Item data can change.So we need to pick up the record based on the change in each of the tables. For Example , there is a field called CHANGED DATE(AENDT) which is present in both the tables. Now , in the view if I add AENDT from Table1, then Table1's chnages will only be updated i guess. What if the change occurs in TABLE2 (ITEM).

I dont know how to go about this. The solution is I created two Generic Extractors with two views (The only difference between the views is AENDT field coming from TABLE1 in the first extractor and AENDT field coming from TABEL2 in the second Extractor).But I think this is not the best way and there must be an alternative for this

2) The other issue is If I have a Function Module which Brings data from Multiple Tables, then how to select the field on which Delta is set.Do we need to write some Logic. After writing the logic, can we directly set the Generic Delta in RSO2 or is there any other way to do it.