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Mar 31, 2010 at 04:29 PM

SAP.Net Connector 2.0 - logon no longer possible. too many failed attempts


Id like to start by saying I know I need to expose the FM as a webservice and Im working on that ... but ... until then heres my issue.

I have SAP.Net Connector 2.0 installed on a WinXP VMWorkstation w/ NAT networking. VS2003 is installed as well.

I have 2 SAP servers registered under ServerExplorer >DataConnections >SAP-->ApplicationsServers, a dev and a prod. I have confirmed all connection properties. I am using IP for servername. When I open my function filter i get a timeout and an error: "logon no longer possible - too many failed attempts". so wrong pwd right? no, pwd confirmed. so i go unlock the account then try again. bingo it works. huh? you may be asking whats the problem then? problem is, tomorrow when i come in to work and fire up the VM again, it locks when i expand the filter. its only the very first logon of the day that hangs.

so thats really my issue. and here a follow up.

so after unlocking the account it works for a day and I can compile the dll and import it into vs2008 (load a reference) and turn around and expose it as a webservice. the webservice works great, but has the exact same, once-a-day locking issue.

so again, I know I need to just expose the FM as a webservice in SAP but for now I dont have that luxury.

what exactly is attempting repeated logons and how can i fix it?

any help is appreciated

thank you.

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