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Mar 31, 2010 at 02:45 PM

How to perform Step Consolidation?


Hi All,

I want to perform Step Consolidation (a multi-level consolidation where a Group of Entities holds another Subgroup). First I want to consolidate the SUBGROUP (S1) and then the GROUP. The hierarchy is like the one below:


E1 (Parent: GROUP)

E2 (Parent: GROUP)

E_S1 (Parent: GROUP)


E3 (Parent: S1)

E4 (Parent: S1)

I created a member named E_S1 which stores the results of Subgroup Consolidation (in Group Dimension in the ID member that is used for the Subgroup consolidation (G_S1), the property u201CEntityu201D is filled with the entity E_S1 and the property u201CStore_Entityu201D is set to u201CYu201D). The Subgroup S1 is out of the legal hierarchy. I proceed to this solution since I wanted to fill in the Ownership accounts (method, Pown, Pcon, etc) for the contribution of the Subgroup to Group and I could not enter data in parent members.

The SUBGROUP consolidation is done correctly. The results are stored in the Group member u201CG_S1u201D. The same results are also stored in the Entity u201CE_S1u201D and Group member u201CG_S1u201D. But in order to run consolidation for the GROUP I have to transfer the results of E_S1 to the Local Currency because the GROUPu2019s consolidated data will be stored in Group member u201CG_GROUPu201D.

Certainly, this can be done by a script, but my question is if this is supported by the application and can be done automatically.

Is this a correct approach for the case of step consolidation?

Thank you in advance