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Mar 31, 2010 at 11:44 AM




1. We are planning to take the SNP PDS same as PPDS PDS. It means in master recipe if we have 3 operations with 5 Phases, system will create the 5 activities and in SNP for these activities by default the unit will be DAY. Due to this after SNP planning run the planned order start date for the product will be before 5 days of the requirement, which is not correct in ground as the planned order start date should be same date as our total lead time is not more than 8 hours.

E.g if we have 5 activities in recipe Setup Production resource and Produce , so if the requirement is on 6th , Planned order start time will be 00.00.00 on 1st and end will be 23:59:59 . And the dependent demand for the components will be on 1st 00:00:00.Even though components in actual production environment required on 5th 00:00:00.

2. The same issue is with the multi level BOM. Also as we have multilevel BOM, we will have separate SNP PDS for each FG and SFGu2019s. For each FG and SFG considering with one activity, dependent demand for the lowest components (SKIM,FAT) will be sum of FG and SFGu2019s.

E.g. FG ->SFG1->SFG2->SFG3->SKIM

With this Multilevel BOM structure , if the demand for FG is on 5th , dependent demand for SKIM will be on 1st , also for SFG3 is on 2nd, which in fact in real production scenario all will be needed 5th 00:00:00.


To overcome this issue some resources can be ticked as not relevant to SNP and only final production activity will be SNP relevant, but in this case also we still have two activities one is setup and other is produce( as both these activities belong to one resource).

It means it will still take two days. So there should be a separate recipe for SNP with only one activity as Produce. For BOM also, we need to create separate BOM for SNP with all the components at one level which means that there will be no planning of SFG in SNP.

Is this the standard setup for SNP-APO? Are all the industries who are having the multiple level BOM needs to create a separate BOM and master recipe as SNP time bucket is minimum as Day?

Kindly confirm please are we on right track or there are some alternate solutions for this.