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Dec 27, 2018 at 11:08 PM

Self Inventory Init in BW



I have the necessity to set a new inventory init for my BW model. Create a new init from ECC using the 2LIS_03_UX data source is not possible due the huge data volume in MSEG table (over than 2000 millions records).

So, I´m trying to create a self inventory init en BW:

1. I have a query over my infocube 0IC_C03 to take the inventory at specific date (for example 31.12.2017) in a APD.

2. The APD saves the inventory balance in a DSO.

3. I connect this DSO to a new Infocube ZIC_C03.

4. Load the inventory balance at 31.12.2017

5. Load all UM and BF requests, using the filter "posting date > 31.12.2017"

But, when I want to compare the inventory at 31.01.2018 I´m realized the snapshot at 31.12.2017 is not cosidered in the balance at 31.01.2018. Somebody have tried something like this?