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Mar 31, 2010 at 10:16 AM

User Exit Problem with activity rate



Good day every one.

I did a userexit for iw41. i got a problem with finding the activity rate. As per fucspec

Find the activity rate [TOGnnn] in table COST WHERE nnn = currnet financial period and GJAHR = current financial year and Objnr = cssl-objnr and versn = '0'.

My problem is first comparission. bcoz 'nnn' field is not in the cost table.. but as per spec TOGnnn is the camparison field with current financial period.

Activity Rate fieldes looks like : TOG001, TOG002, TOG003, TOG004,TOG005,TOG006,TOG007,TOG008,TOG009,TOG010,TOG011,TOG012.

select single * from cost into ls_cost where togxxx = lv_poper and " my problem is here

gjahr = lv_gjahr and

objnr = ls_cssl-objnr and

versn = '0'.

I need to compare numaric degits after tog..with how to read the numaric degits exact eq to lv_poper[current financial period]

if any one knows how to do it? plz let me know